Ramen and Dumpling House, Vermont

Location:       1C Hanover Rd, Vermont South VIC 3133
Telephone:    0433 282 359
Website:        N/A

Located along the outdoor walkway of the Vermont South Shopping Centre, Ramen and Dumpling House is a forever-busy local Chinese eatery. With a couple of other sister restaurants in the South East suburbs, the Vermont eatery serves up delicious dumplings.

I think it’s safe to say that you should not visit this place if you are keen on service. Service is effectively non-existent at these types of places. It is all about turn over: eat, pay and leave. I don’t mind this on occasion, if the food is good enough to back up this bad service. I walked in with a couple of friend and we were handed some menus and asked to stand around at the back, to wait for a table to free up.

The waitress was insistent that we take the menus and make a decision on what we wanted to eat so that we could order as soon as we sat down. Told you the service was rubbish.

Anyway, we were pretty hungry so we ordered spring onion pancakes, a few different dumplings, noodles and some S&P calamari. It was all very calorie heavy, it was all very oily, and it was all so indulgently delicious.

The spring onion pancake was greasy, and delicious.

The xiao long bao was juicy, flavourful and tasty and the rest of what we ordered were okay. We got the Shanghai fried noodles, which was pretty sub-standard. It was sloppy and nothing special.

The S&P calamari was gross – the batter was super heavy, oily and just made me feel sick. I didn’t mind the pan-fried dumplings; the pot-stickers had a nice crispy crust on them and a flavourful filling.

Hmmm..so I don’t think that the calories were worth it, and the service was rubbish and if a hankering for dumplings kicks in, I wouldn’t necessarily go straight here either. It was no better than a lot of other local dumpling houses that I have eaten at.

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